I’m Coming Back……For Real This Time

It’s been forever since I gave this blog the love and attention it needs!! I’ve learned a ton over the past few years and can’t wait to share it all with you! I’ll be updating the blog with a fresh new design, optimized for mobile devices, and content filled with resources to decorate your home on a budget and tips for making money at home for all you stay at home Moms that maybe want to bring home some extra cash!! I’m expecting to have this old girl up and running by mid March 2018!! Can’t wait to see you there!

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What Happens When You Leave A Kid With A Camera

I was getting some photography done for eBay and my youngest came up and was fascinated with the remote button that was attached to my DSLR.  I had to run downstairs to grab something so I told him, in my sternest Mommy voice “Dont Touch ANYTHING”. The answer “Okay Mommy”. It was awfully quite upstairs so I yelled up “What are you doing?”. The answer… “Pushing the Button” So I storm up the stairs to find this is going on….. Continue reading

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Gorgeous Brass Animals

I have recently become obsessed with vintage brass animals.  This trend is just now starting to get big so there are still a ton of great pieces to be found at your local thrift store or at yard sales!

Via One Kings Lane

If you find a matching pair, snatch them up!  They often get split up so its much rarer to find a set.  But even if you don’t, they still look great mixed and matched!

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