What Happens When You Leave A Kid With A Camera

I was getting some photography done for eBay and my youngest came up and was fascinated with the remote button that was attached to my DSLR.  I had to run downstairs to grab something so I told him, in my sternest Mommy voice “Dont Touch ANYTHING”. The answer “Okay Mommy”. It was awfully quite upstairs so I yelled up “What are you doing?”. The answer… “Pushing the Button” So I storm up the stairs to find this is going on…..

And after a little adjustment to show Pooh’s ears….

MAGIC, magic is happening upstairs.

Then he wanted to take a picture of himself….

Take it in people, Self Portrait by the artist.

I had to clear it up a little for him.

It was definitely one of those “Oh Yeah, this is why I had kids” moment.

 I think I’ll get this kid a camera for Christmas.

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