Pending Authentication?

Got a great story to go with this cute Ellipse Sac A Dos if its real so I’m working on getting it authenticated. If not, then the story will make me look like a doofus.  Either way, it will be a good one.

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Where Have I Been?

Well, thats a pretty complicated question and here is my answer…I’ve been here, just, not around.  David got injured in an auto accident back in July and all our house stuff has just been put on hold.  He hasn’t been released to go back to work yet so there is no extra money, none, to do anything exciting with the house.

Hopefully, this changes soon!! We think we are getting close to him being able to go back to work , so, fingers crossed we will be doing some neat renovations soon.

Until then I think I’ll start doing some idea boards to keep me motivated to get this puppy done!

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I’m Back!!

Well, probably sporadically until the first of the year. It’s funny how sometimes it takes all you have just to keep up with everyday life! Just wanted to let any body who’s listening to know that there will be lots of new house stuff coming up in the New Year so keep an eye out! Here’s some gratuitous puppy love to tide you over till then!


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