Yard Sale Haul

Okay, so we have finally settled down enough to start doing more decorative stuff on the house.  Of course, we are on a budget so the logical place to start is…..da yard sales.  Last weekend we passed by this tiny bungalow with all this FANTASTIC stuff outside.  I about gave myself whiplash trying to see all the shiny things as we flew by.

Then I screamed “That’s my kind of yard sale!” and started bouncing up and down in the seat until David agreed to turn around.  He’s the best!

This beauty was the first thing we spotted.  It is massive and is going to take up some serious real estate in our foyer.  I am talking a circumference of 10 feet 9 inches.  It’s 3 and a half feet across.

The bowl is just for size comparison, my child refused to participate.

Gorgeous!!!  It’s even better that we only paid $30 for it. That may sound like a lot for a yard sale but large mirrors are astronomically expensive. I found an example at Pottery Barn that is a lot simpler and slightly larger than mine for……..

$499.   I’m going to let that sink in for a minute.

Ridiculous, seriously, some people have too much money.

Moving on now.

We also got this square mirror for $20.  The lantern candle holders were only $1 a piece. A heck of a lot cheaper than here and here.  I have no idea what I’m doing with these yet but I’m thinking something in the boy’s room or bathroom?

You might be wondering whats up with all the gold.  Well we have this enormous foyer that really has no purpose now, it just isn’t functional and I cannot deal with that.  So we have decided to create a space that is similar to this. The art portion anyways.

We want to cover the walls with our collected artwork, family mementos, photographs and mirrors.  We want to give our guests something visually interesting to look at and make it a place to congregate instead of just pass through.

We have 12 foot ceilings so we have A TON of  wall space to fill!

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